Blocking Bad Bots – Semalt Expert

Semalt always looks for the ways to improve its services, and the company is thrilled to announce some new security features. Its ability to block bad quality traffic and bots has no alternative. This lets the clients save a lot of money and block the low-quality traffic as well as bots to a great extent. Plus, you can easily get rid of scrapers and spiders and prevent them from crawling your Semalt assets. It is the only feature that is made available to all clients, and you can enable it from your own dashboard. No more bots are distorting your data, and you don't need to look for another company.

Bad Bots

When it comes to the internet, there are two types of bots: bad bots and good bots. Alexander Peresunko, the Semalt expert, states that one of the best examples of good bots is Googlebot. It is Google's web crawling bot which can crawl your articles and new content, adding value to your site's overall performance. Plus, it helps your site get indexed in the search engine results. An example of the harmful or bad bots is Cheesebot. All bad bots include crawlers, scrapers, and spiders that are harmful to your web pages. They are, however, not always dangerous but most often they crawl your sites badly and consume your Semalt bandwidth, taking up server resources. Besides, a bad bot steals your articles and copies the content everywhere on the web. As a result, you would be able to see lots of copies of your content when you Google it.

It is possible to block the bad bots with your robots.txt files, which are editable from the Semalt account. However, you cannot get rid of all the robots or bots using this file, which means you are to perform the task at the server level too. Semalt makes the wise use of comprehensive lists of both bad bots and good bots and blocks the bad bots on the basis of their User-Agent strings. So remember, if you want to make your website safe and protected, you must block the IP addresses of all the bad bots as early as possible.

How to Block Bad Bots

You can enable the block bad bots feature by logging into your account and clicking into the different zones. Here you would have to click the Edit and select the Show Advanced Settings option. Once you have selected that option, the next step is to scroll down and block all of the bad bots. Click on the Enable button and save all of your changes before logging out of the account. When the bad bots are blocked, hits from the wrong IP addresses are never a part of your website. This new security feature has been approved by the IESG and intends to make your website safer and better than ever. There is no censorship issue accompanied, and you can block as many IP addresses as you want.

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